August 4, 2023

A dedication to the creatives behind the scenes working on what’s next. Many of us hear about the athletes and the signature models they wear on the courts, but very few of us are aware of what it takes to create these products that perform at the highest levels. Designers of some of the most coveted kicks are invited to connect with peers throughout the industry, share their experiences with the sneaker community, and inspire the next generation of designers. Discover one of our transformative experiences we’ve designed just for you!”

The Design Combine

The Bodecker Foundation

6:30 pm


9:30 pm

Are you an aspiring footwear professional looking for your big break? Look no further than The Design Combine! Our one-of-a-kind competition is designed to showcase your skills to your favorite brands. You'll be put to the test in speed, accuracy, strength, and stamina in an entertaining showcase that's sure to impress industry influencers, recruiters, and scouts. Don't miss your chance to witness the future of the next up-and-coming creatives - join The Design Combine today!