Featuring a Three-Day Festivalto Be Held Downtown in Pioneer Square,the Portland-Based, NationallyFacing Celebration of Sneaker Culture will Feature Open Houses Throughout theCity and Notable Figures in the Industry

PORTLAND, OR – May 29, 2024 – Now in its eighth year, Sneaker Week 2024 will kick off on Friday, July 26 and run through August1, according to Sneaker Week founders Herbert Beauclere and Megan Davis.

For the first time in itshistory, Sneaker Week will center its activities for the first three days downtown in Pioneer Square,Fri.-Sun., July 26-28,bringing together all aspects of the eventin one place. Each day of the festival will be dedicated to exploringand celebrating a different theme through a range of engaging activities,including workshops, demos, discussions, and performances:

 Fri., July 26 – Knowledge Day: This will focus on the educational aspect of the sneaker culture. Attendees will have theopportunity to attend informative workshops, panel discussions, andpresentations that delve into the history, design,and impact of sneakers. Expertsfrom various fields will sharetheir insights and knowledge. 

Sat., July 27 – Innovation Day: This will showcase cutting-edge advancements and trendsin the sneaker industry.Attendees will witness product launches, technology demonstrations, andinteractiveexhibits that highlight the latest innovations in sneaker design,manufacturing, and sustainability. This themeaims to inspirecreativity and push the boundaries of sneaker culture. 

Sun., July 28 – CultureDay: This will celebrate the diverse and vibrant sneakercommunity. It will featurelive performances, art installations, fashion shows, and cultural displays thathighlight the influence of sneakers on art, music, fashion, and street culture.This theme aims tofoster a sense of belonging and connection among sneaker enthusiasts. 

For the balance of the event,from July 28-August 1, Sneaker Week is welcoming Portland’s top creative agencies, retailers, and restaurants to hostopen houses throughout the city.Each day will feature open housesin a different quadrant of the city. Attendees will have the opportunityto spend time in a new area and discover (or re-discover) restaurants, bars,boutiques, and stores that make that neighborhood special.

The schedule is asfollows: 
·       Mon., July 29 – Northeast Portland
·       Tues., July 30 – Southeast Portland
·       Wed., July 31 – SouthwestPortland
·       Thurs., August 1 – Northwest Portland

More information on the open house days will be released as the eventdraws closer. Tickets go on sale May 27 through July 26.

About Sneaker Week:Sneaker Week curates organicexperiences that bring sneaker enthusiasts, industry influencers,and aspiring creative professionals to Portland, Oregon, the sneaker capital ofthe world.Sneaker Week partners with the footwearindustry and communityto cultivate talentwhile celebrating creatives. The mission of Sneaker Week is to highlightthe diverse culture andtalented community among globalsneaker enthusiasts whileproviding access and visibility to information and career pathways.