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Connecting the Sneaker Community to the Footwear Industry

JUL 26 - AUG 1

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Portland, Oregon


Experience the evolution of Sneaker Week PDX with our new KIC-OFF Festival.

Discover the power of Knowledge, Innovation, and Culture through engaging activities, workshops, demos, discussions, and performances. Join us for 3 days of immersive experiences.


Discover the educational side of sneaker culture at Knowledge Day. Dive into workshops, panel discussions, and presentations exploring history, design, and impact. Learn from experts in the field.


Experience the future of sneakers at Innovation Day. Witness product launches, tech demos, and interactive exhibits showcasing cutting-edge advancements and sustainability. Inspire creativity and push boundaries.


Celebrate the vibrant sneaker community at Culture Day. Experience live performances, art installations, fashion shows, and cultural displays showcasing sneaker influence on art, music, and fashion.

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Sneaker Week is on a journey to build a more equitable and diverse footwear industry by creating a world where fans and brands can positively shape the future together.

Our 2024 festival and programs are set to help budding talent navigate the growing career opportunities and elevate sneaker culture through educational experiences and meaningful connection

2024 Sponsors

Support . Participate . Celebrate

This year we are inviting the greater Portland  community and businesses to participate in ways that they’ve never been able to before. We've created new opportunity to discover (or re-discover) restaurants, bars, boutiques and stores that make Portland  special.